PHOTOS of WTC RUINS         12/6/01
by Michael Hammerschlag


View fm Fulton St. entrance                                                                                                         Cops in front of remnants fm secure area-Bey St. entrance
Photos are digital shots of Hi 8 video off a TV- lousy tech, but didn't have video-in yet|| Optimized for +17" monitor

Welding by men in basket at top of Remnant                                                                           Wide scene from skywalk viewing area S of site 6pm- Car in black area above a in "skywalk"


Power grabbers would try 3 times to pick up concrete that was all interconnected with reinforcing rod and have it pulled out of grasp/ Guys worked within 2 feet of shovels+grabbers

                                                                                                                                                                         Largest Crane in the World

WTC smoking in Lower Manhattan - from first air flights- 9/15