EXCERPT from Stop the Madness Newletter- July 14, 2001

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MEDICAL MIRACLES: After a long hiatus, they have implanted a full artificial heart into a very sick patient, but again they are being wildly optimistic- talking of years of life. A competing device that uses internal high speed impeller blades supposedly doesnít damage the blood, is incredibly compact (1/2 cucumber), and can assist the heart till it recovers. Itís being pushed by Jarvik of an early artificial heart. If news reports are accurate, the poor boy whose arm was bitten off by a shark had the blood drain from his body and was dead for 30 minutes, so the reattachment of his arm may have been a Frankensteinian exercise, since brain damage occurs after 5 minutes (except in extreme cold). Look for the parade of optimistic doctor statements to cease.

HELL IN A SMALL PLACE: The violence continues to escalate in Israel with the thuggish Sharon seemingly determined to wipe out any Palestinian leadership. The end result of all this will be a nuclear detonation in NYC or DC with a Pakistani or Soviet bomb (or biochem attack), since they canít blow up Israel without blowing up the Palestinians.

NEW MAG: Check out excellent new print and web publication, the Democracy Chronicle: www.kiosk2000.com
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EXCERPT from Response to Israeli Friend who'd Sent an Anguished Letter after Large Bombing in Israel-    Aug 13, 2001
From: Michael Hammerschlag <mkham@juno.com>
To: slisogor@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 07:11:33 -0400
Subject: Hell in the Holey Land

Dear besieged Sarit,

Yeah, I was just about to write you. I'm sorry. I sympathize with your pain and horror and it's true- Arafat f-- up the peace agreement last July-August, God knows what he was trying to achieve (which I attacked him then for) - but since then , it seems Israel has been the provocative one. I blame Sharon and the right wing Russians that have pushed Israel so far to the right wing.

None of these targeted killings will do anything to stop the violence- it's moved beyond central direction. I honestly think Israel is suffering from a 45 year case of battle fatigue that's making them irrational or rigidly inflexible. How can you stop suicide bombers by retaliating, by definition suicide bombers don't care about the consequences. Maybe like in Kosovo, you should give up on multi-ethnicism- make a complete dividing line in the occupied territories, and send all your non-citizens there for good.

I really fear US will become a target of Pal rage that will dwarf anything that's happened in Israel (we have more Arabs + Moslems than Jews now): a Paki or Russian nuke (or biological) attack. In fact I think something like that is inevitable, and would turn the USA into an instant police state.
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FOR a more complete picture of thinking and predictions about 9-11, a day I was scheduled to fly smack over midtown Manhattan, see my BLOG entry on the fourth anniversary, with many exclusive photos of ground zero and the first overflights of the smoking City.