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"What is George W. hiding?" redux
The corporate media may be giving Bush a pass, but we won't

The news media and political protests

Civil rights history and Bush: Turning back the clock?

The Bush-Florida-Cuba connection

Uncovering the Florida cover-up: The good fight continues

The media's message is accept their "truth"

Nation of children, nation of amnesiacs

Republikkkans rob black voters and steal a national election!!!

Nazis and Bush family history: Government investigated Bush family's financing of Hitler

Bush's cabinet of spooks

Destroying the economy is a boon for the rich

Anti-Semitism, racism and a Bush Family organization


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Relativity or are Republicans evil? (Or do they just act that way?)

January 10, 2001 | There was a point in this terrible election where it became all clear, like a B & W photo in developer, that they were going to get away with it—that the Republicans would manage to stop the recount and force their man into the White House.. against all reason, facts, and fairness.

Debate or CIA propaganda?

January 10, 2001: What is the difference between propaganda and honest debate? Honest debate depends on fact and reason, and its goal is to disclose factual information. When politicians or media pundits mischaracterize their opponents' arguments, they show contempt for fact and reason. The information they pass along to the public becomes misleading disinformation, or propaganda.

A Confederate in the Cabinet

More than 13 decades after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, the U.S. Senate is getting ready to confirm as attorney general someone who has voiced fervent admiration for the Confederacy. It's an almost unbelievable situation. Yet many news outlets—and the vast majority of senators—are perpetuating a state of denial.

Leap of faith 2001: GW Bush the messiah or the anti-Christ?

January 8, 2001 | A curious story is circulating the Internet today about George W. the Christian. It's popping up wherever his compassionate conservatives gather in cyberspace. Scroll past the comments about Chelsea Clinton's "grotesque" looks and the diatribes against gays and uppity Negroes on message boards, and you'll find it.

Democracy, the election, and the news media

January 8, 2001 | What is democracy, and how has it changed during the nation's history? What did the open stealing of Election 2000 have to do with weakening democracy, and how would a genuine, truth-telling news media make democracy stronger?

"The Diva" formally switches race

LONG BEACH (, January 7, 2001—"The Diva," WebMistress of The Bush Brothers Banana Republic, after careful consideration and review of new information, has decided today to renounce her whiteness, and join the black race.

It's official: We have lost the country

January 7, 2001 | By their refusal to stand up with their House colleagues in objecting to Florida's 25 stolen electoral votes, thereby preventing George W. Bush's illegitimate ascendancy to the White House, all 50 Democratic members of the U.S. Senate have joined in the right-wing takeover of the country.

Serving notice to the spineless Democratic senators

January 7, 2001 | I hereby serve notice to every single disappointing, spineless, weak-kneed, selfish Democratic senator that did not have one iota of decency left in him or her to stand up and do the correct thing—do their duty—and stand up for our country and Constitution today! It is truly pathetic to watch a group of people who took an oath to protect country and Constitution sell their souls and dignity (and respectability) to make a deal with the devils. What else can we expect from a group that is so scared and intimidated that they won't even openly support our protests—only saying that they will "support [us] behind the scenes."

It's still a little green, but it's getting riper!

January 6, 2001 | I must say that I don't often peruse the "Opposing Views" link on Online Journal. And I'm sorry I don't. I will do so more often. What caught my attention, and prompted me to write, was a response to one of my own columns, "Yes, I know; It's not easy being Green," from Eric Blomstrom in Chicago. I refer specifically to the paragraph below:

Philadelphia attorney to file federal class action suit to overturn presidential election

LAYFAYETTE HILL, PA, Jan. 6—Attorney, political activist and former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip J. Berg announced today that he will be filing a class action lawsuit in a Florida federal court to overturn the 2000 presidential election.

America sleeps as civil rights leaders struggle

January 6, 2000 | During the late 1950s and the 1960s, white Democrats and progressives made common cause with African-Americans as they sought civil rights and social justice. Today most Democrats in Congress ignore the fact that large numbers of voters, many of them African -American, were systematically disenfranchised in Election 2000.

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Hacks in Black Robes Ignored Racial Concerns

In a few days, whilst Laura Bush holds up a Bible, Bill Rehnquist will look across its open pages at the face of the man whom he and his four pals made President. Then he will administer the oath of office to the little Texan.

Bush Team Asks More Respect From Clinton

WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 —  President-elect George W. Bush's team on Wednesday called on President Bill Clinton to leave office with respect for his successor after Clinton publicly questioned the way Bush won the election.

Censorship at WBAI

WBAI producer Peter Bochan announced on the air this morning that his work has been censored. A 25-year WBAI veteran and award-winning producer, Bochan dropped off his year-end highlights reel to be played on New Year's day. When the show finally aired, roughly one and a half minutes had been cut out of it, without his knowledge or permission.

Linda Chavez' fall from grace

Jan. 9 —  It's bizarre to hear a right-wing ideologue who's also a syndicated columnist accuse others of the "politics of personal destruction," but I'll take Linda Chavez' withdrawal of her nomination for Secretary of Labor however I can get it

The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General

People For the American Way has prepared this report in connection with the nomination of John D. Ashcroft to be Attorney General of the United States. It is extremely rare for People For the American Way to oppose the confirmation of a nominee for an Executive Branch position.

Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld

George W. Bush's choice of Donald Rumsfeld to be U.S. defense secretary could put an unintended spotlight on the role of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon – a Bush family benefactor– in funneling millions of dollars to communist North Korea in the 1990s as it was developing a missile and nuclear weapons program.

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