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                                                                                    by  Michael Hammerschlag       2:52 min


MUSIC- “Start the Commotion”-0-24 sec, quietly 24-37s


24s You’ve heard this music before. In fact you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. It’s part of a Mitsubishi campaign to advertise Monteros and Eclipses that shows young gen-X’ers hopping and bopping to the music in their cars

38s-1:07 MUSIC- “Paul Oakenfield-Mits Eclipse commercial”

40s- The commercials are admittedly exciting, and sexy, and motivating. The last one, “Start the Commotion”, became the theme song for the 2001 World Series…MUSIC UP 4s.. Some commercials are testaments to greed and envy. One has a guy at a car wash so ashamed of his non-sporty car that he cringes in embarrassment… The difference has been one of degree- these commercials have been run hundreds of times a day, a frequency I’ve never seen before.

1:07-1:42 MUSIC “Days go by”- Dirty Vegas

1:09 Once I changed channels between the 3 major networks and found this ad on all three.  That hasn’t happened in 40 years of watching television!… It’s a blitzkrieg style of advertising. An assault.. an assault on the senses…It doesn’t matter if you like the commercial or don’t like it.. after a while….. you just have to gave in. MUSIC UP 1:27-1:31

1:31 The ads have used unknown tracks by unknown musicians. Ever hear of  Dirty Vegas  or the Wiseguys?? Not until these commercials… This is the one I find most annoying.

1:42-2:15 MUSIC  “One week (since you looked at me)”-Bare Naked Ladies

1:52 I’m sure what one is supposed to do about these… Not buy the cars???  All I know is I really don’t like listening to the same commercial thousands and thousands of times.. By my estimate, they’ve spent billions of dollars on these campaigns. They could cure cancer; they could cure AIDS, with this kind of money. There something wrong about this. There’s something wrong with being beaten over the head by music you might not like,

2:15-2:34 MUSIC  “20th Century Boy”- T Rex

2:16 and I admit I didn’t like at least one of these songs in the beginning. But it… won me over. And that’s even more insidious….. They are dedicated to the theory that if they pummel you enough, sooner or later, you’re going to give them what they want. …. What they want if for you to buy their car…..

2:32 You’ve to excuse me now, because I’ve gotta….

2:34-2:57 MUSIC (loud) “GET UP, GET, PUT THE BODY IN MOTION”- Start the Commotion”  with                                            slow fade after 2:42            END 2:52