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Newspapers: Mercury Ex-Chairman Alleges Profits Went Before Journalism
POLL:   What is the most important priority for media policy reform?
Freedom of press Access to information
Breakup of media concentration Protection from harmful or inaccurate content
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Media Prostitutes And China Coverage
As the world media focus on the U.S. spy plane showdown with China, News Dissector Danny Schechter asks if China coverage is shaped by interests other than journalistic ones.

Vladimir, Ted And The Free Press: The Showdown Over Russia's NTV
While NTV's journalists protest a takeover by the state gas company, media mogul Ted Turner announces his deal to buy into the Russian network. Commentator Michael Hammerschlag recaps the power plays over Russian TV and the Guardian's Ian Traynor reports on the NTV showdown. From Guardian Unlimited

M.G.G. Pillai
Malaysia's Indy Media Boom
EXCLUSIVE: Independent Web sites have challenged the government's monopoly on truth. Now officials are scrambling to mute the opposition. Malaysian Net pioneer and banned writer M.G.G. Pillai reports from Kuala Lumpur.

African Journalists On Their Own
The woes (murder, imprisonment, disregard) of African journalists seem matched only by their own flaws (bribe-taking, mediocrity). Tom Kamars considers the risks of writing in a continent that is simultaneously reviled and ignored. From

Media On The Media
Media By And For Farmers
PBS Sells Its Young
Reporting The Toxic Truth
And much, much more...
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Hot Story: Writers' Digital Rights
Do electronic collections of articles constitute new works? A series of U.S. court cases and contract negotiations may determine the future of copyright, digital archives and freelancer's rights. MediaChannel brings you the headlines.

Global Concentration:
The Ownership Chart

NEW! Thanks to the merger boom, media power is more concentrated than ever. MediaChannel, New Internationalist magazine and Britain's Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom present the global media overlords in vivid color.

Why Policy Matters
This week MediaChannel will launch our new section on Media Policy, and we want your input. What are the media policy challenges in your country? What should be the priorities for reform? Please send comments to policy.

Special Section:
Reporting the Balkans

Radio Networking In Southeast Europe
Seeking to provide "an open space that breaks down boundaries," OneWorld Radio Southeast Europe enables the free, online exchange of audio programs on human rights, civil society, democracy and sustainable development. From
Serbian Prisoners: The President And The Journalist
Slobodan Milosevic is now in jail and the reporter he had imprisoned last year for spying is free. Did Miroslav Filipovic's award-winning reports change the course of war? From Institute For War and Peace Reporting
Macedonia: Media's Duty
"We in Macedonia are facing not an imminent civil war but rather the possibility that irresponsible international media may incite more violence than the people with guns."
Also see MediaChannel's "Tips For Peace Journalism" for advice on covering conflict peacefully. From MaNGO Online

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The just-published Miami Herald-USA Today Florida vote recount says Bush would have won an official recount. BUT they didn't count overvotes and disenfranchised voters. The controversy continues. Join the discussion in the Forum.


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Readers challenge the News Dissector on China Coverage. Add your voice in the forum.


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