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Burlington VT Oct 24 (anyone local- here to Montreal?)

CONTENTS: Starr Doesn't Die, But Slowly Fades Away- New IC/ For the Love of the Game/ Burning Bush/ Blacks Need not Apply/Send out the Clowns/ More Illegal Drugs


In their endless quest to lose the Congress, the Republicans have defeated the nuclear test ban treaty, an act of stunning stupidity and recklessness. I've done 3 huge papers/articles and a half dozen commentaries on nuclear issues in the last 3 decades so I'm a low-level expert (how low is a matter of opinion). America has a 20 year lead in weapons design- there is no need to test- none zero, as a friend liked to say in college. On the other hand- India and Pakistan, who are sliding towards a nuclear war they're powerless to prevent, during the next crisis/standoff will want to set off some sabre-rattling blasts to display their will (to scare the shit out of the other side and convince them they could be in iminent danger of attack). With only a few bombs and missiles, the conviction the other side is launching and the temptation to strike first... will be inexorable. Though I wasn't, uh, fully functional during the Cuban missile crisis, the testing log shows a 2 week series of escalating tit for tat DAILY H-bomb tests by each side- which reached 3 EACH in one day- as much as the previous year or 2 in that one stretch. Now the sub-continent's partners in hatred and hysteria will have one more way of insuring the nuclear genie will get out of the bottle. Thanks to Trent Lott and his smug back-thumping brethren tens of millions of Indiakistanis may taste the nuclear hellfires we've managed to keep chained for a half century only by amazing good luck. What could they be thinking?- these chickenhalks: terorists might smuggle bombs in and vaporize DC or NYC, so we've got to keep developing more bombs. 1/2 kiloton to 100 megatons isn't enough???? I'd venture that 90% of the American people think the Repubs are at the bottom of the deep end on this one. A proper alertness to the threat from the psychotic monsters in North Korea or the tyrants in China has nothing to do with scuttleing a crowning achievement of arms-control, ratified by every country in the world, but Israel, Pakistan + India. The 330-odd sensor net should be able to pick up tests of 1 kiloton, rendering "fears" of cheating groundless. Iran, Libya, Brazil, N Korea, will all feel they have a green light for bomb tests, and the chance of the world lasting another decade without a mini-conflagration is maybe 1 in 2. Nat. Security types from all sides of the aisle are flabbergasted and horrified by the results of this lunatic fraternity pledge stunt.


Starr has finally gotton out of Dodge after a 5 year reign of terror- twisting and abusing the Constitution, manipulating the legal process, and torturing dozens of innocents to destroy Bill Clinton. Sadly, he may never pay for his transgressions: an appeals court has reversed Judge Norma's rulling that he and his office face criminal contempt charges for "serious + repetitve violations" of the grand jury secrecy rules, by leaking priviledged info in 24 news accounts. Prosecutors never get pinched.

The 3-judge genius panel that gave us Starr in an unchallenged coup, has appointed another winner: Robert Ray, the deputy of bow-tie twerp Donald Smaltz, who spent $17 million + 4 years pursueing Ag. Sec. Mike Espy for accepting $30,000 of improper gifts (junkets). Espy was totally aquitted. Wonder where your tax dollars go? Tanks against a mosquito... and the mosquito won.

Ray still has to decide what to do about supposed attempts to sway Willey's testimony (what Starr did when he maliciously prosecuted Julie Steele), and false statements about Hillary's role in travel office firings. Our view is he'll charge noone (I created this word), but drag it out to suck up as much federal welfare as possible, then issue the final Clinton OIC report with damaging allegations carefully timed to trash Hillary's run for Senate. Maximum damage to the maximum # of people, for the maximum time. That fool Janet Reno could have reigned in this endless fishing trip witchhunt anytime- she's going to be well regarded by history.


We've been more than a little out of touch: mountain climbing and shooting photo's through the White Mtns., + Vermont on a circuituitous path to NY since Sept 4. We didn't, in fact, drop dead of heart atacks after 9 months of Internet vegetation, somewhat to my surprise; and if they ever make downhill rock-running an Olympic sport... I'm a bloody medalist. We are slower and heavier... but still can fly. Next stop: Montreal, where we want to see if Quebecquois women have similar proclivities to French filles, and convive with the defensive aliens to the north. While I didn't think any candidates would make it up into New Hampshire's north country (the only 3 real cities are south), unbeknownst to me Gore spoke to a state Democratic convention at the ancient swank Mt. Washington Hotel about 4 miles from where I camped, screaming into the night to keep the rutting moose from overunning the tent (no bears, but NH is rotton with moose). McCain, who I would have liked to see, spoke a week after my tenure in N. Conway. They almost act like humans in NH, so it's an ideal time to collar them and ask impossible questions. I can't help but think of Bradley as a spoiler, he's too iconoclastic and distant to be taken seriously, but maybe toughening up Al at this stage isn't a bad idea. He did send me a nice letter, thanking me for my gift, perhaps confusing me with some Chinese doners. No I only gave 5 months of my life and a few grand to see Al didn't Go Directly to Presidency, Do Not Pass Election.


St. Martin's Press is shredding their Bush book that claims he evaded a cocaine conviction by the intercession of political pals, because the author was supposedly a convicted felon. Hey, just cause he put a contract out on a former boss doesn't mean he LIED about Bush. Some bosses could use their disposition radically alterred. Also, the Dallas Morning News coming up with this bizarre record at the last second is more than a little wierd. They will do almost anything to protect GB2 in Texas, a place where people are crushed routinely for sport. This will secondarily serve to innoculate him from any other more grevious allegations.

In an effort to jump on the kinder gentler semi-fascist Clinton bandwagon, GB2 has come out for more child-support totalitarianism. Give me a break. My poor wastrel brother, whose wife took up with another guy and threw him out, is facing real jail for owing many thousands is CS, some of which he gave directly to her when they secretly lived together. He can't see his own son, and to help him pay an insane $1000/wk without being employed, they TOOK AWAY his registration and license. This is called DEBTOR's PRISON and was abolished in the last century- you don't go to jail because you can't pay. Welcome to the new USA.


Meanwhile the Senate Repubs have apparently decided Blacks can be dismissed, in the the voting booth AND any high appointment, scotching Clintons's choice of Federal Judge and Ambassador to New Zealand because- well, they're not like us. Maybe GB2 thinks he can do so well with Hispanics that Blacks are unnecessary. Oral Hatch and his committee have been essentially subverting the Constitution by refusing to act on dozens of Judge apointents for YEARS- a shamefull abrogation of their responsibilties. The Judge in question wasn't a big enough supporter of the death penalty, as almost ANYONE shouldn't once they consider the stunning and horrific 60-70 INNOCENT (proven) slobs sentenced to death in Illinois. I actually DO think death is necessary- what do you do with a Gacy or Bundy, or mass drive-by banger. But if there can be that many innocent proven in ONE STATE, we're talking maybe THOUSANDS of innocent people sent to death. "NOVA" just did a show that proved by DNA that Sam Sheppard was innocent of killing his wife (basis for original "Fugitive"). The night he was convicted, his mother committed suicide- his father died a little later, and Sheppard, after being aquitted in a retrial after serving ten years- died at 46: the state killed this whole family- continuing the work of the one-armed man. The horror. Lazy, stupid, dishonest police and prosecutors are more rule than exception- nothing reveals the corruption of the breed more than the Ohio prosecutor now exhuming Marylyn Sheppard to disprove their allegations (rather than groveling apologies). I've come to believe the American justice system is the worst in the developed world- thinking justice will result from turning every case into football game contests is absurd- as long as prosecutors' job is to hurt anyone they can (regardless of whether they believe his guilt), justice will be be just a roll of the dice. In the Jon Benet case (which the jury of tabloids has decided), every night for 2 weeks before the murder there was a burglary in the neighborhood, 3 windows were broken on the Ramsey house, and over 20 people had keys (according to Gerry Spence). Changes the complexion a little?

Carol Mosely Braun (NZ ambass-elect) did have an unfortunate tendency to hang with reprehensible dictators: one of them should have been the unkillable little retrograde cracker Jesse Helms, who chairs Foreign Relations and ALONE is reason to overturn the Repub majority.


One by one, we are losing the jokers in the Repub Presidential race, so said because they are jokes- Dan Quail and Libby Dole withdrew decrying the unfairness + inevitibility of money politics- which they ensured would continue by crushing campaign finance reform (though Dems did their part too). Maureen Dowd punctured the creepy balloon of a Libby (not the peas) Veepship with one savage column about her Stepford Wife tendencies. Steve Forbes is a blowhard idiot inflated only by family money- without a single idea in his head but the Flat Earth Tax: every time I see him I think of the pedandic guy that does car ads (+ played FDR in a movie). Gary Bauer is a chilling neo-Nazi, he has the requisate coldness, softness, weakness, and hatred. McCain is interesting- a true hero and someone of integrity, but I've come to think he's nuts too: If you voluntarily refuse repatriation and spend years of unnecessary torture and horrors in an enemy jail, your judgement is, uh, badly flawed- somewhere into Gordon Liddy territory. "A soldier's job isn't to suffer and die for his country", as George Patton Scott said, "It's to make sure that the other bastard does".


Yet another of my prescient predictions has been ratified, by the Feds, no less; who just admitted that- "Oh, maybe that silly anti-nerve gas drug that we forced Gulf War soldiers to take, made them, oh, a little sick." Infuriatingly this letter wasn't run (as about 70% of my nat. mag letters have been). When the PB story was coming out, SUDDENLY, the Pentagon revealed that 5 or 10 or 22 thousand troops were exposed to nerve gases when they detonated Iraqui bombs and shells in an ammo dump- the timing (5 1/2 years later) was so convenient that they must have been panicked to admit their culpability in hurting many more troops than Sadaam. Wonder what's changed. An attack of honor?


Although it's likely that some soldiers were exposed to Sadaam's nerve gases, I find it curious that that only comes out now, when definitive proof that the experimental anti-nerve agent drug troops were forced to take (pyridostigmine bromide) combined with repellent DEET and pesticide permethrin--causes extensive nerve damage in the brain. (Chickens were devastated by the combination) Anything that blocks nerve agents is likely a powerful nerve agent itself, and wasn't meant to be taken for months, which alarmed me at the time. Pyridostigmine actually makes humans more vulnerable to Sarin, which crack Czech CBW units verified in low quantities many places. Not surprising Dr. Lederberg "could not find a cause for the ailments": he's a director of American Type Culture Collection, which sold biological toxins to Sadaam in the 80's. Although the Pentagon was dealing with real dangers here, it still used a powerful experimental drug on 400,000 troops without their informed consent. We poisoned our own people, and again shamefully shirk responsibility.

Happy Halloween + Don't let the Y2K bugs bite.

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Patrick Matriscianna, producer of the patholical anti-Clinton "Clinton Chronicles" + "Mena Connection" videos, which claim Clinton had Vince Foster killed, ran drugs into Mena AR, and participated in a conspiracy to kill 2 teenagers who were run over by a train (as well as, oh, 50 odd people); has been found guilty of reckless disregard of the truth and

ordered to pay 2 AR sherrifs deputies (Campbell + Lane), whom he accused of murdering the train teens, $600,000. The videos are patently trash- at one point Matriscianna himself, in sillouette, pretends to be an investigative reporter and claims 2 of his sources were killed in plane crashes before they could be interviewed.

Matriscianna, with ace Scaife Hater "reporter" Chris Ruddy, ran the Fallwell funded Citizens for Honest Government, which managed to funnel tens of thousands to virtually every witness against Clintonfrom '93. They controlled some $3 million with which they secretly paid all the deputies and numerous other "impartial" witnesses who were quoted in the virulent Scaife funded American Spectator, and the always fulminating Wall St. Journal editorial page. From these actions, Scaife's hammering on Clinton in his Pittsburgh paper + Amer Spectator, the Paula Jones case and all Clinton's problems arose. They managed with outrageous lies and specious allegations to provoke ($100 million worth) 4 investigations of Foster's death, banking Committee + CIA investigation of Mena "drug ring", Starr's endless fishing trips

of Travelgate, Whitewater, FBI file, and finally Monica; + ancillarily the Cisneros, Espy, + other investigations. Essentially all the wastefull, stupid, unfair, ugly, and evil trash of the 6 year anti-Clinton jihad stemmed from the conspiracy of Scaife, Fallwell, Mastriscianna, Tyrell and a few disgruntled Ark. employees, and $10-20 million of cash to fund it.



In the brazen brute knuckle kind of malfeasance that could only happen in Texas, GB2 may have faced problems that would dwarf his cocaine semi-use. Essentially, the respected state funeral oversight commission director Eliza May started an investigation of sleazy embalming practices by the largest funeral chain in America: Service Corp. Internat., run by longtime Bush family friend and contributor ($45K to GB2) Robert Waltrip, who promptly screamed to his Shrub patron. Not only was May fired unaminously, but incredibly SCI managed to get the Texas legislature to limit + cripple the Texas Funeral Service Commission, which had so many resignations after May's departure, the Tx. Comptroller just took it over. In a meeting between Waltrip + Bush's chief of Staff, Bush reportedly looked in and asked if "those people were still giving you problems?", though he later swore in a deposition that he had no contact or conversations about that company and their dispute. For that May had asked a judge to hold him in CONTEMPT for LYING, and that motion was not dismissed when Bush's laywer first challenged it as politically motivated and specious. It was dismissed today, though, by a TX county judge, with the TX attorney general showing up to defend Bush's position.


She is also sueing the state + GB2 for her unjust termination. SCI has a history hiring unlicenced embalmers, whose clients then leak fluid out of every orafice for days after.The amazing thing is that SCI supposedly threatened that they would crush the funeral commission from the start... and then did.



GB2's problem with past drug usage have us in a quandry- on one hand we don't believe it's relevent and part of the prying personal prurience that candidates shouldn't answer... on the other, Bush, in his nasty campaign against Richards, pushed draconian first time penalties for drug users + ridiculed her plan for creating 14,000 drug treatment beds, sneering "Incarceration IS rehabilitation". He only created 1/3 as many treatment beds, though up to 80% of Texas inmates have drug problems. That reveals his outrageous hypocrisy that all the preachy punative hard-line Repubs seem to be universally afflicted with.Texas still has people in prison for 20 years for minor possesion- they love jailing + frying people there and derive great pleasure from it (double nat. rate of incarceration-.7% of pop in jail; 2 1/2 fold increase

since 1990, most people in nation on probation + parole). Hell, they have tens of thousands of prisoners from other states- prisons are a growth industry. Also, considering GB's long time propensity for alcohol, there is the serious question if he's an addictive personality, though we do believe a good drunk is essential to clear out the cobwebs periodically. As much as I hate to admit it, I sort of like Bush, he has that don't give a damn attitude that's refreshing after

the almost insane artificial earnestness of all other candidates. Mr. Bill raised the bar so much in political skills that he may have ensured GB2's success- he has that Southern cowboy gift for connecting with people + if you read in "Talk" how Bush is co-opting Democrats, inc. his consultants, you have to worry for Al. They just LOVE EM in Texass.

Our own little Rhody Warwick mayor Lincoln Chafee, shooting for his dad's Senate seat, has, in an attempt to enhance his visibility, admitted to cocaine use in college. It worked- he was mentioned on Nightline and Leno, and hasn't had any big effect on his popularity- he's an iconoclastic moderate who works well with the Democratic city council- but he's still a member of the destructive Repub tribe. In RI, the Repubs are more likely to be clean than the Dems, but the level of corruption is still endemic. There is no impressive Democratic candidate for Senate: the most interesting and colorful candidate is Arlene Violet, a former pro-abortion Catholic nun Attorney General talk show host, who may run as

an independent. Hey, we're very independent. RI is the first state to sign the Declaration of Independence, the last to ratify the Constitution (join the US) + the first to be established with strict freedom of + from religion, after the Mass. Puritans escaped persecution only to establish their own.


Unsubstantiated rumers have Gingrich giving inappropriate dictation to his OWN INTERN from 1995, which would explain his stunning departure and uncharacteristic silence, perhaps he was Larry Flynt's first duckpin. Trent Lott seemed almost incredibly nervous near the end of the Trial- I think Flynt had something on him too.


Finally, after faxing most of names, sent Reno the petition book, though we harbor little hope she will give Starr the ax. She's always acted as if he really was a trusted employee, even as she resisted SS subpeonas. In a quite shocking decision- she allied WITH Starr to try to overrule Judge Johnson's decision that Starr apparently leaked grand jury testimony in 24 instances and is enjoined from releasing information that he plans to use in future grand juries. She, frankly, doesn't seem to be firing on all cylinders: acting guilty in her mea culpas on FBI tear gas launching at Waco and (how terrible) consultation with Delta force or CIA. All she had to do is show that infrared aerial video of the fires all starting in 10 different places at once and repeat that these people killed themselve by arson- we had nothing to do with it. If anything the government wasn't radical enough- they should've gone in in lightning 3am raid and killed any resistors- that's the only thing that would've saved those poor kids, sex toys in Koresh's monstrous playpen. If the people are evil and sick enough, I have no problem with the government wiping them out.

The MONTANA MILITIA, who had plans to try and hang the town mayor + officials in an underground bomb-shelter and videotape it for inspiration for the other sicko cells, were allowed to host a stream of right-wing freaks for 3 months, while the government spent $10 mil twiddling their thumbs. I read part of a book by an FBI informant, who due to the

Republican assault on the FBI and ATF after Oklahoma City, was left in the cold- undercover with the Montana Miltia, as his promises proved empty + position grew untenable. A judge just threw out Repub of Texas lunatics conviction for kidnapping their neighbors. The ORDER, which was mostly killed in a big Whidbey Is.,WA shootout, had robbed $12

million from banks + had a hit list of officials and luminaries(Sen Metzenbaum) that they'd already started on (they killed Dever talk-show host Alan Berg).

For years and years, the ARYAN NATIONS compound in northern Idaho, has flouted numerous laws, threatened neighbors and officials, and created a violent self-governing entity. Twisted racist almost child-killer BUFORD FURROW lived with the widow of the Order's founder and was a "security soldier" at the Aryan Nations, where Michael Moore filmed

and questioned him in a TV Nation a couple of years ago (see his website). I really wish cops had pounded him with nightsticks so he couldn't, as I knew he would, smile proudly for the cameras at his succesfull carnage and celebrity. At least if he had some serious facial damage, other incipient loser/freak/racist/monsters would be discouraged from following his example. I mean, he SHOT CHILDREN. No surprise he surrendered in Las Vegas, which has the broadest range of acceptable behavior.

Incredibly, the Republicans are AGAIN throwing their lot in with the terrorists, putting the FBI on trial while Bin Laden plans assassinations and "patriot" leaders, inspired by Furrow's psychosis, prepare their next outrage, not to mention suicidal Y2K maniacs. How do the Repubs move from promoting the military and strong nat. defense to these frantic attacks on the FBI?- doesn't domestic security mean anything to them- do they think they're immune from the depradations of these wacko militias? Simple, they hate Clinton so much that they don't care if they cripple the FBI + Justice, just to intimidate Reno. Cynicism approaching treason. Republicans stand for NOTHING now, just hatred, narrowness, and payoffs to the rich. Fiscal responsibilty was immolated from Reagan's time- now they're the most reckless fools- "Hey lets spend the imaginary surpluses before they happen" (Y2K hasn't been figured into any equation). The Democrats (led by Bill) are now the financially responsible ones now. True conservatism, in terms of valueing the old, tried, and tested- disappeared with flaky Newt- to be replaced by bitter vicious warfare + the contract on America. Even their term limit pledges are being violated wholesale. The Democrats now stand for the basic values that most Americans respect- they are real conservatives in not wanting reckless changes.

Next major armagedal seige/suicide?: Elizabeth Claire Prophets band of followers in 7 states, who have major armaments. We really need a coordinated roundup of these right-wing psychotic hate groups. The FBI has informants in all of them. NPR just talking about Williams brothers, who murdered several people, burned synagogues + had list of 30 Jewish leaders for future "action".


Talked to + sent petition book and articles to James Carville in his rural hollow. Hopefully he will send me parachuting into some campaign, to fight fires with... gasoline. Got thank you letter from Gore, so guess he got book- SS obviously did not file in circular file. 4 states have full elections in '99: VA,KY,IN? We are moving to near NYC after mountain vacation if larger entities don't have greater plans for us.